Services Provided

Wheel Alignment

PROSHOP outlets are equipped with the latest wheel alignment machine from Hunter Engineering and Hoffman which have the original vehicle data for accurate setting and correction of Front /Rear geometry of the high performance cars and SUVs.

Wheel Balancing

Our wheel balance and alignment equipment, also from Hunter and Hoffman, ensure precise wheel balancing and rolling of the wheel.

TYRE Rotation

Timely rotation of tyres helps to get maximum life from your tyres.

PunCture Repair

Punctures on tyres are repaired from inside using mini combi patches which lasts for the life of the tyre.
If your car needs a tyre replacement, Dunlop ProShop is the perfect place for it.

Nitrogen FILLING

Nitrogen filling in tyres leads to greater tyre life longevity, enhances driving comfort, and improves mileage!


Platinum batteries are available at our ProShops in Jumeirah and Al Twar.

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